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Alchemy & Healing from a 9000 year old Yew Tree

Alchemy & Healing from a 9000 year old Yew Tree

How Rock & Rose Rituals came to be...

Rock & Rose Rituals has not been solely created by myself; I see myself as merely the conduit and messenger of the great wisdom held within nature, patiently waiting for us to tune in again as our ancestors once did. 

Rock & Rose Rituals is the creation of the Fortingall Yew Tree in Perthshire, the Heart of Scotland and her way of reaching people all over the world. Some estimate her to be around 9000 years old and in 2015 she changed sex from male to female, further confirming the return of the Divi ne Feminine/Goddess energies to Earth. It is also the year of my own, sudden spiritual awakening during a trip to Vancouver in 2015. 

In the summer of 2019, 4 months in to my Rose Priestess training, this tree called me to her on 2 separate occasions and so I knew I had to visit Her. When I arrived, I asked what it was that she wanted of me and I immediately heard the words "I would like to invite you to ingest a part of me, but I must warn you, I am poisonous to many." I knew nothing of the yew tree at that time, but I knew I was to eat some of her young needles. After it was done she said nothing more so I left and fell into a deep 3 hour sleep in my campervan in Glen Lyon followed by a 3 day shamanic death and rebirth experience. 

There is so much more to this story of course of which I will be sharing in greater detail when the time is right, but the result was our Ritual Bathing kits and candles which are all made by me and filled with her wisdom, energy and healing.

Whether you choose a candle or ritual bathing kit - a piece of botanical jewellery or our sacred art, you will receive exactly what is needed for you in the precise moment it is needed from the majestic Fortingall Yew tree and the powerful, potent land that is SCOTLAND.

If you have found your way here and are reading these words now, it is for a very beautiful and important reason and it is our deep honour and highest joy to serve you.

Meet our founder, Lisa Marie.