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Rituals for Life: A guide to creating meaningful rituals inspired by nature

Rituals for Life: A guide to creating meaningful rituals inspired by nature


Rituals are among the most powerful tools we have to create meaning and cultivate wellbeing in our lives. In Rituals for Life, you can learn to live a more intentional life, enriched by your connection with nature. The book explores the essential components of ritual and how to use them to bring happiness and inner peace into your every day life. Includes instructions for twenty rituals, some for every day and others for specific moments and occasions, that you can adapt for your own needs, as well as an exploration of the roots and purposes of ritual. Beautifully illustrated by Luisa Rivera, this inspiring book is a guide more authentic and soulful way of living.

About the Author

Isla Macleod is a writer, ceremonialist, ritual designer and earth guardian who lives in the vales of Somerset, England. Over the past 10 years, Isla has supported people from all walks of life to honour their transitions with ceremony, and holds a variety of crafting workshops, seasonal celebrations, online courses, pilgrimages and retreats. Her work explores pathways of belonging and ways of restoring our connection with the natural world and the Sacred.

Luisa Rivera is an award-winning London-based artist, originally from Chile, who specializes in watercolour illustration. Her work has appeared in numerous books, magazines, newspapers and exhibitions, with clients including The New York Times, Variety, Penguin Random House, Google and Rebel Girls. 

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