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Arabella Fae Birthing Candle

Arabella Fae Birthing Candle

From £3.00

Our first Birthing candle and altar card has been specially formulated and channelled to create positive calm and serenity for mum and baby. A tonic for birth and early stages of motherhood.

Made with the purest essence of white rose, English pear, freesia and orchid to bring absolute peace, Lightness of Being and ever-deeper bonding for mother and child.

Birthing Playlist here, courtesy of Emma Copeman, Arabella Fae's mum.


We are absolutely delighted to bring to you our very first Birthing Candle here at Rock & Rose Rituals. Created in honour of Arabella Fae and her beautiful mother, Emma who reached out to us on 22/2/22 looking for a candle to honour the upcoming birth of her daughter. Immediately messages began streaming through that a brand new candle is to be created and this will be a Birthing Candle for other Mothers and Mothers to-be and it is to be named after Emma's child. You can imagine our delight when Emma agreed to this and revealed the name of her child, a daughter: Arabella Fae which means Beautiful Lion Faerie. 

We couldn't be more happy with the outcome and neither can Emma and it is our intention that this candle bring all future recipients great peace and knowing of the tremendous power within as The Mother. 

Includes Light Encoded Birthing Altar Card from Rosa-Maria Light Channel

Top notes of white rose, bergamot and pear

Soft notes of magnolia, freesia, orchid, and Muguet creates the soft heart, followed by a base of musks, amber and a touch of myrrh.

Sizes and burn time:

Small 120g. Burn time: up to 25 hours

Medium: 180g. Burn time 35-40 hours

For an even burn pool, allow the candle to burn for 2-3 hours at a time. After use, your amber glass jar can be re-used. If you look after your candle then you will notice the difference…a little love goes a long way.


Our blend is vegan friendly using rapeseed and coconut wax, infused with high quality fragrance oils and cotton wicks.

This candle will burn clean down the edges, with no wax or fragrance to spare. Providing you with at least 20 hours of room filling aromas.

All our products are vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate & paraben free - always.


Plant Medicine

Rosa Alba (White Rose) Plant Medicine

Alba has many meanings in many cultures, but it is primarily known to mean ‘white’ or ‘pure’. It is also of course the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland with its origins rooted in the realm of the Picts. Pictish women were treated as equals to men and so it is that we are returning now to the Divine Blueprint of Inner Union: balance of the divine energies of feminine and masculine. Equality for all Beings Now and with each moment, each breath, one step closer to peace on Earth. 

Each soul incarnating now on Earth carries these Blueprints and those chosen as parents/guardians of these children are very special indeed. This is you and this candle finds its way to you now to remind you of this.

The name Alba also means ‘dawn’ or sunrise’ and how fitting it is that when asked to create our very first Birthing candle on 22/2/22 no less, it was the Rosa Alba that immediately came through as the primary plant essence for this very special and sacred candle.

Keyword: POWER

Connecting in with your power of Creation. Trust and follow your intuition at all times, regardless of external influences. Speak and act from your inner authority.

The essence of the White Rose represents the vital, creative principle of power. This is the positive, ‘yang’ principle that initiates and purposefully calls on and applies the inner driving force or impetus to activate, build and create. The essence stands for the best use of this power. You can channel your creative powers in the most appropriate ways, when you trust and follow your intuition. Spontaneously, right speech and right action follow.

Star System: PLIEADES

Earth Chakra: Uluru


From Emma:

'I have arrived home to my beautiful candle made in honour of Arabella Fae Didwell, our baby, now on sale as the very first birthing candle at Rock and Rose Rituals in Scotland. I contacted Helen Buchan interested in her posts and then came into contact with her friend Lisa. They have created this candle for me which is a ritual in itself for making mother and baby bonding even deeper. Arabella means Beautiful Lion and Fae is the fairy way to write Fairy. So in honour of our Beautiful Lion Fairy she has her own candle that other mummy's can buy or be bought for and share some fae healing magic with us. It smells incredible and I know the amount of energy that has been put into making it spiritually by Lisa. Not only that, I have formed a strong connection with Lisa. Its such a beautiful gift and I absolutely love it. I'm going to wait for the right moment to do this beautiful ritual, but for now had to share this amazing creation. It was packaged beautifully and the crystals are perfect and the lovely rose petals. Bless you both. I'm so glad I was drawn to you again Helen its been too long that I haven't been around your energy Rock & Rose Rituals thank you both I'm one happy mummy with my newborn fairy'

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