Come visit us on the Dorset coast and learn to craft your very own natural candles amongst the trees! Gift Vouchers available

Start Your Own Candle Business

Start Your Own Candle Business


Are you ready to embark on a scented journey into the heart of candle making and become your own boss? This is your sign from your Universe letting you know your time is now and you are ready!

Our exclusive 1:1 "Starting your own Candle Business" workshop is your gateway to mastering the art of crafting exquisite natural candles and launching your very own candle business. Our beautiful studio, nestled among the trees Upton Country Park in Poole, on the Dorset coast provides the perfect serene setting for gaining clarity and unleashing your creativity.

Workshop Highlights:

Duration: 3 hours of immersive hands-on experience 

Location: Our enchanting studio in Upton Country Park, Poole, Dorset 

Focus: Natural candle making, troubleshooting, and comprehensive candle business logistics

What You Will Learn:

1. Candle Crafting Mastery:

Dive into the world of natural candles, from selecting the finest materials to choosing the perfect scent. Uncover the secrets behind creating candles that captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression.

2. Troubleshooting Expertise:

Encounter common challenges and learn the art of troubleshooting. From wick-related issues to perfecting the scent throw, our workshop equips you with the skills to tackle any hurdle that comes your way.

3. Candle Business Logistics:

Gain invaluable insights into the business side of candle making. Understand pricing strategies, packaging essentials, branding and marketing tactics to ensure your candles stand out in a competitive market.

4. Supplier Showcase:

Receive an exclusive list of trusted suppliers for premium candle-making materials. Discover sources for the finest waxes, fragrances, and packaging, ensuring that your creations reflect the highest quality.

5. Legal Aspects Unveiled:

Navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence. We demystify the legal aspects of running a candle business, ensuring that you're well-informed and compliant every step of the way.

Your Creative Haven in Upton Country Park:

Our studio, surrounded by the tranquility of Upton Country Park and in view of the sea, provides an inspiring atmosphere for unleashing your creativity. Breathe in the fresh sea and forest air, feel the connection with nature, and let the beauty of your surroundings elevate your candle-making and holistic business mentoring experience.

Your Expert Guide:

Our workshop is led by our founder, Lisa, a seasoned Chandler with years of experience in both business and crafting beautiful, natural candles. Benefit from her guidance also on what is is like to leave everything behind and start anew, following the callings of your Soul. Discover how she went from running her large catering company in London, well and truly wrapped up in the material world with high stress levels, to 4 years living and travelling in her van in Scotland, reconnecting with soil and soul, remembering the magic of nature and the natural world and all the many gifts there are waiting for us to unwrap. 

How to book:

Ready to turn your passion for candles into a thriving business? Click the 'Book' button and send us your approximate preferred dates and times and we will be in touch to firm your booking.

If you are travelling from outside of Dorset, we can also assist with local accommodation and local attraction recommendations. If you are seeking a true 'rewilding' experience we have a luxury campervan for hire from our sister company, Rocket & Rose Campers. Please ask for details and availability.

We so look forward to sharing stories, wisdom and magic and assisting you on your next courageous steps to your dreamy life!

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