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Potions & Prosecco  - Friday 17th May

Potions & Prosecco - Friday 17th May


Enchantment Unleashed: Magic Potions & Prosecco (or kombucha)

Step into a realm of wonder and magic with our exclusive Magic Potions & Prosecco evening, where fantasy meets reality in a spellbinding fusion of creativity, celebration, and divination. This enchanting event invites you to unleash your inner alchemist and embark on a mystical journey of potion-making, manifestation, oracle card readings, and merriment.

During this captivating soirée, participants will:

1. Embrace the mystical ambiance of Rock & Rose Rituals Temple as you sip on organic prosecco/kombucha and mingle with fellow adventurers of the realms in a whimsical setting adorned with twinkling lights, mystical decor, and the gentle scent of enchantment.

2. Delve into the ancient art of potion-making guided by our expert alchemists, who will reveal the secrets of blending herbs, spices, and other enchanting ingredients to concoct potions of empowerment, transformation, and rejuvenation.

3. Discover the wisdom of the Oracle with personalized card readings, offering insights and guidance from the mystical realms to illuminate your path and empower your journey.

4. Explore the power of intention-setting as we call upon the aid of the faeries, dragons, unicorns, mermaids, and the Phoenix to help manifest our deepest desires and dreams, guided by the messages revealed in the oracle cards.

5. Engage in hands-on potion-crafting, where participants will have the opportunity to create personalized elixirs tailored to their individual aspirations and goals, infusing each potion with their unique energy and intention.

6. Immerse yourselves in an atmosphere of magic and possibility, where dreams take flight and anything is possible, while forging connections with like-minded souls on a journey of self-discovery, enchantment, and divine guidance.

Join us for an evening of spellbinding delight, where magic potions, organic fizz, oracle card readings, and the wonders of the mystical world await. Unleash your inner alchemist, raise your glass to adventure, and let the magic begin!

What to bring:

  • an open heart, open mind and your inner witchy/wizardy child who has been waiting patiently for you to remember her/him!
  • Your favourite crystals, if you have them to join you on this adventure. All equipment and materials will be provided, including potion bottles to take your potion home with you!

Times/durations: 6pm - 8pm

Led by Lisa, our Founder and Principle Potion Master who stepped off the hamster wheel in 2016, remembered her magic and that we are both the Creator and the Creation and has gone on to manifest a life that is full of magic, wonder and feels like a most wonderful dream.

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