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White Tiger Rainbow Healing Ray

White Tiger Rainbow Healing Ray


White Tiger Rainbow Healing Ray

This is a BEAUTIFUL healing ray to clear away OBSTACLES that may be obstructing your path to finding your true purpose this lifetime.

It was gifted to me during my Rose Priestess training during Samhain in 2019 with Ishtara Rose and it is one that I use often in my Soul to Soul healing sessions.

I am now offering this on its own as a distant healing and energy attunement so once received, you may use it anytime for self healing or healing others. It is a beautiful, gentle healing ray, very clear and it is of Christ and Unity Consciousness.

Ways in which this can assist you:

~ Clear away stress and / or feelings of anxiety

~ Bring clarity in times of feeling "lost" in life

~ Ease worries

~ Calm a "busy" mind

~ Bring forth inner peace and centeredness

~ Restore personal power

~ Remove obstacles that may be obstructing you on your path to ascension

~ Restore a lightness of being, helping you to connect again to your Child within - your TRUE essence

~ Helps you to "rise above" any tricky situations and see clearly the lessons and gifts, rather than the "problem"

This is also a wonderful and unique healing ray that rebalances misaligned chakras as it brings in the full divine COLOUR spectrum of healing rays.

It is also a beautiful healing ray for children and once attuned, you may use this anytime on your own children to assist them in times they may be struggling to make sense of the world in which we live. This is especially well received by our phenomenally gifted Crystal children! I can, if requested, send this healing ray directly to your child (and I will ALWAYS connect to the soul that is your child to ask permission first. Always. If it is a no, I will not continue).

Once you have made your purchase, please email me to let me know when you are ready to receive and I will go into meditation in my sacred space and send directly to you.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a distance healing and can be sent anywhere in the world, as you will be able to also once attuned. It can also be used to bring healing to certain places upon earth that you feel can use this light, which in turn will assist all those upon this land - it is this POWERFUL!

This truly is a healing modality for our New/True Earth and one not seen before 2019 (or so I am told but please, share if you know otherwise).

White Tiger Rainbow Ray is A PURE ray of ascension.

I do hope you enjoy this one and that it changes your life for the better.

In Love, Service & Green Blessings,

Lisa Marie

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